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Frequently Asked Questions...
How long does it take to complete the course?
The course takes approximately one hour to complete.

Why is the training computer based?
On-line or computer based training provides both consistency and flexibility. It provides employers with the opportunity to use unexpected down time in a cost effective and productive manner. And by using a database driven system, it provides a method of not only testing the knowledge of participants, but it also documents the results. Training can be provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to employees both at work and at home. No more lost productivity and no more booking training rooms or renting training facilities or hiring trainers. What could be simpler!

Who requires WHMIS training?
Any worker who works with or in proximity to a controlled substance needs WHMIS training.

Do I need to re-certify and if so, how often?
The Occupational Health and Safety Act states that all training must follow WHMIS guidelines and must be reviewed annually to ensure your employees know, retain, and follow safe practices.

What is a Unit defined as?
A unit is considered one training username and password. You will require one training unit for every participant that is going to take the online course.

What happens if I forget to print my certificate or if I lose it?
You can easily reprint your certificate by going to Certificate Reprint and entering the appropriate username and password you used to complete the course.

Do government regulations require a WHMIS certificate?
As per Health Canada’s website “WHMIS laws do not require that workers be issued a "certificate", card nor any other document to demonstrate that they have received generic education or site-specific WHMIS training.” So although not required, e-WHMIS's training course provides a certificate of completion to show proof that a trainee has completed the course successfully.

What does the e-WHMIS course cover?
This training module is designed to comply with the general or generic components of Provincial WHMIS Legislation. It is structured to meet the needs of both employees and employers alike.
The course features four elements or segments to the training including background and explanation of WHMIS Legislation, Hazards, Workplace Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).
Please Note: This training program is NOT meant to replace the workplace specific elements of the legislated requirements of WHMIS.

What are the computer system requirements?

  • An Internet connection
  • Pentium II Processor or Macintosh equivalent
  • Video card and screen capable of displaying 800x600 resolution or better (lower resolution is acceptable but will require scrolling)
  • Sound card and computer speakers or headphones
  • Flash Player version 5 or later
  • A version 5 or later web browser (Internet Explorer 5 or later version is recommended.

Have any additional questions?
Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns or would like more information about our online
e-WHMIS Training Module.