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The Benefits of Online WHMIS Training

Online courses are a fast and efficient way to learn new concepts and process important information. With more than 4 million students enrolled in online schools and universities (a number that’s estimated to increase by as much as 30% each year), there’s no denying the popularity of Internet-based training. Whether you’re working on a master’s degree or updating your WHMIS training, online learning is a great alternative to traditional classroom training and workplace seminars.

Top Ten Reasons to use e-WHMIS Online Training

  1. It’s convenient.
    Online WHMIS training allows busy employees to “attend” training sessions at anytime, from anywhere. Workers can log in and complete assignments at a time that suits their schedule, rather than attending a scheduled presentation.

  2. It won’t put a hamper on office productivity.
    Online WHMIS training is so convenient you can even assign it to new hires before they start working at your company! This helps increase productivity at your workplace and helps ensure that your new hire is equipped with all of the health and safety knowledge they need to stay safe and succeed.

  3. It encourages student-centered teaching.
    Every employee has a different learning style. When you enrol your employees in our online WHMIS training program, you’re staff will have the opportunity to take part in a variety of different lessons, including visual presentations and fun and challenging tests. 

  4. You’ll enjoy unrestricted access.
    Course materials for e-WHMIS training sessions are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Workers can thus read and reread course notes and discussions at their leisure.

  5. It increases knowledge retention.
    Our online e-WHMIS training course is designed to help students learn by removing traditional distractions. Students are also given the opportunity to print “quick review” sheets for future reference and personal use.

  6. It helps students improve their computer skills.
    Computer skills are absolutely vital in order to succeed in today’s workplace. Using the Internet to attend WHMIS training sessions, research information, and communicate ideas teaches employees critical technology skills that can then be transferred to their job.

  7. It’s cost effective.
    Whereas offline training requires extensive planning and a relatively large group of participants in order to be cost effective, online training is designed and priced for individual use. This gives businesses the ability to provide new hires with WHMIS training whenever necessary, with minimal financial strain.

  8. It’s always current.
    Any course updates or system upgrades are automatically added and available instantly to you and your employees when you enroll in the online WHMIS training course from e-WHMIS.

  9. It meets provincial requirements.
    e-WHMIS online training course is designed to meet all of the Occupational Health and Safety Act Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System regulations.

  10. It makes learning fun!
    The days of suffering through boring training sessions in stuffy conference rooms are over. Online WHMIS training from e-WHMIS presents information in a highly interactive and entertaining manner that is both educational and enjoyable.

To learn more about the benefits of online WHMIS training, visit and view our free training session demo.